Elmira's Own is Going Green

             Elmira's Own is committed to finding new ways to support the earth and sustainable living for future generations. We use current new available resources and investigate new technology as it appears to ensure our planet gets the best treatment it can. 

Plant Health


            All our plants are grown from Non-GMO Seed. We believe this is the key to healthy plants and healthy food.

            Our plants are all grown in shredded coconut husks called Coco Fiber. Coco Fiber works well for retaining nutrients and it also easily drains any excess water. This aids in the health of the plant's root system.

            By growing the plants with a vertical growing technique, we can use our growing space more efficiently. The plant grows around a string and is clipped and supported so the stem does not break as the fruit matures.

Water & Nutrient Conservation

          Our watering system is a 100% closed loop system. The nutrient water gets pumped through the irrigation system which uses drippers to deliver the water directly to the roots of the plants. All excess water is collected and recirculated back into the system which adds more nutrients if required. 

          Carbon dioxide (CO2) is necessary for plant growth in a greenhouse. To feed CO2, we dose the exhaust from the boiler stack through small hoses to the plants.


Efficient Heating


         Hot water pipes on the floors and around the outside walls, heat the greenhouses. To heat this water, we burn natural gas in high-efficiency boilers. During the day, the boilers need to run to provide CO2 for the plants and the hot water is stored in storage tanks and circulated as needed. 

Climate Control

        Since we grow indoors, controlling the climate conditions for the plants becomes a full-time job. We use a climate-control computer system which is managed by our growers. This system controls temperature, humidity, air flow, ventilation, and watering to name a few. 

        We also use energy screens which help trap heat thus reducing the need for heating. These screens are also used to shade the plants on extremely hot summer days. 


Pest Management


        Integrated Pest Management strategies are used to control the bad bugs. We use sticky tape, predator mites, and other bugs to help control the bad bugs. This enables us to make using pesticides a rarity. 

        Bumble bees are used to do the pollinating. Pollination needs to be done everyday, and though we have done it by hand, nothing does it more effectively than bumble bees. 

Compostable Packaging

         Elmira's Own has switched to 100% home compostable packaging for all its products. On average, we pick about 20,000 flats or 240,000 clamshells of tomatoes yearly. That would be about 20,000 lbs or 10 tons of plastic going into the landfills every year. 

         Instead, we use punnets and trays made of wood pulp. These can decompose naturally in your backyard. 

         The film we use to wrap our product in is made of cellulose derived from wood pulp. This gets heat sealed and helps retain the shelf life of our product. Futamura provided us with film wrap. Check out their website below.

         The labels are made from white bioplastic formed from wood cellulose. The ink and the adhesive are also compostable. The labels are called Pure labels made by Elevate Packaging. Check out their website below.