Vine Ripened

Our temperature controlled greenhouses, natural sunlight & LED Light technology allow us to grow all year. No matter how the elements change, our team monitors the tomatoes until they are perfect to pick.

Premium Quality

When tomatoes are left to ripen on the vine there has been enough time for both flavour & nutrients to develop. Resulting in a longer lasting & delicious fruit.

Hand Picked

Our crew of both family & local workers, clip the vines by hand at the tomatoes peak of perfection! Our tomatoes are sorted, packed & shipped from our warehouse


It is important to our Grower to continue his heritage of Natural Growing Practices. Bumble Bees are used to pollinate the plants & maintain the balance of the eco-system. Other bugs are also introduced to help with that balance. We recycle more than 50% of our water in our facility & nutrient recipes added are environmentally friendly.


Each Variety is Selected & tasted by our Grower. Our Seeds are 100% NON GMO.



All year long

The Farm


2191 Arthur Street North, Elmira Ontario N3B 2Z1


Dedicated to Flavour


Located in rural Ontario Canada, Elmira's Own Tomatoes was started by a family with strong farming values. After supplying the local & surrounding communities with delicious, quality vegetables for many years, it was a Beefsteak Tomato that won the hearts of many! From there, Stuart Horst & his family grew Elmira's Own based on his dedication to flavour & natural growing practices. Now with several tomatoes apart of the Elmira's Own collection, they continue to surprise the taste buds of many with the garden fresh, sweet summer flavour, available all year. It's not just about producing the best looking tomato, but one with qualities & standards from your own garden. After all, the closer the tomato is to the plant, the better it is!

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